Taking time to listen carefully is central to everything the Community Foundation does. We value the ideas, interests and needs of donors and nonprofit partners.


With funding from a generous grant by Dorothy Batten, the Foundation worked with the Center for Effective Philanthropy to survey donors and grant partners in 2017. In response to the key findings from the surveys, we have worked to expand and improve the ways that we serve our constituents.

DONor survey


Building Connections

A new Donor Engagement Series has been launched to provide donors with a way to meet and learn from other donors. Along with Foundation board members and staff, donors can learn more about opportunities in the community from nonprofit partners.

Grant Partner Survey

Travels With Sara

During the summer, Programs Manager Sara Sweeney met with more than 50 of the Foundation’s 2017 Enriching Communities grant partners. Logging more than 1,000 miles on the road, Sweeney learned more about the complex challenges faced by various communities and heard about the different ways that the Foundation and other nonprofits can collaborate to maximize impact.