Peter and Linda Aagaard

Fred and Lisa Abbey

William and Eleanor Abbot

James and Byrd Abbott 

Mildred Abraham 

William and Carolyn Achenbach

Arthur and Carol Ackerman

Stanley Adams 

Clark S. Aist

Daniela and Daniel Alexander

Barbara Allan 

Cynthia Sykes Alling

Damin and Kelly Altizer

Margaret C. Anderson

Aimee Andrews 

Carlos E. Armengol

R. Morgan and Jo Ann Armstrong

Herbert and Karen Ashley

Ann Ashton 

Bryan Austin 

Mary A. Ayers

Andrea Ayres 

Marc Ayscue 

Stephen E. Bach

Francis C. Bagbey

Stephanie Baglio 

Gerald and Robin Baliles

Maia Bannan

Rebecca A. Barlow

Dennis W. Barnes 

John and Amanda Barnes

Louisa C. Barrett

Robert and Carolyn Barrette

Mary M. Barrow

Colleen M. Bassett

Clara C. Batchelor

Dorothy Batten 

Margaret Baumgartner 

David A. Beach

Jamie Beals 

Mary Beck and Stephen Jones

Rodney and Liz Beckwith

Suzanne Reed Bednar

Justin and Colleen Beights

Donald L. and Fonda Bell

Malcolm Bell III

Miriam A. Bender and Alfred Dougherty

Christa Bennet and Mike McConnell

R. Anthony and Trew Bennett

Bernard and Carmen Bernstein 

Emily Berry 

Fritz A. Berry

Phyllis J. Binder

John H. Birdsall

Diane Bisgaier 

June Rowan Bishop

Mark and Holly Bittle

Victoria Blackford 

Mary Richardson Blanton

Ralph and Rose Marie Bledsoe

Stephen Bliley 

Andrew K. and Kelli Block

Sharon M. Bloom

Lou Bloomfield 

William and Sheller Bolton

Dana Bond 

Richard and Kathleen Ford Bonnie

Raegan Bostic and Jordan Dorchuck

Alan Botsford 

L. J. Bourgeois

Marie Bourgeois 

Carla Bourque and Brett Powell

Thomas M. Boyd Jr.

Robert and Karen Boyle

Matt and Sarah Boyts Yoder

Lucius and Pamela Bracey

Peter and Dorothy Bragdon

Thomas Brannock 

F. Cooper Brantley

Constance Brennan 

Audrey Brent 

Bernard T. Bress

Richard and Bonnie Brewer

Antoinette R. Brewster

Julie Bright 

Linda M. Broadbent

Kristin Brockmeier 

Katherine S. Brooks and
   George A. Beller

Arthur E. Brooks

Timothy F. Brooks

O. Whitfield Broome Jr.

Lincoln P. Brower

Amber Brown

James and Elizabeth Brown

Jennifer J. Brown

John Brown

Stephen and Carolyn Brown

Steven and Judith A. Brown 

Roberta F. Brownfield

Diane S. Brownlee

W. Grant Brownrigg

Leanne F. Brubaker

Robert and Marcia Bryant

Donna Ruth Buck

Richard and Kathryn Bump

Christopher and Lori L. Burgess 

Kelsey Burns 

Gordon and Marjorie Burris 

Richard and Brenda Busofsky

Dixon and Susan Butler

Edward John and Mary Buynacek

Lynn Byrnes 

Bonnie C. Cady

Mark J. Campana

Melba M. Campbell

Ruth Campopiano 

Alex Cannon and Porter Smith

Joe A. Cantu

Coran Capshaw

Jennifer Card 

Patricia Carlson 

Susan Carlson 

Heather L. Carlton

Sally C. Carroll

Charles C. Carson

Jeffrey and Cindy Carter

Peter and Deborah Carter

Francis and Julie Caruccio

Leigh Ann Carver and Abby Palko

T. G. and J. Carver

Dennis A. Casey

J. David Castle

Luis F. Castro

Robert B. Cathcart

Edith Catlin 

Tim and Carol Cawley

Lisa Chandler 

Maria Chapel 

Peter Chapin 

Kenneth and Carolyn Chapman

Janet M. Chapman

George W. Chase

Jonathan Chasen 

Claudia Chaten 

Kristen Chatterton 

Roger P. Cheever

Matthew and Colleen Chulis 

Arthur Chute 

Vincent C. Cibbarelli

John S. Claman

Carol F. Clarke

Catherine Clary and John Sauer

C. Hunter and Meghan Cloud

Arika Cocke 

Julian T. Coggin

James and Virginia Colburn

Andrew D. Cole

Hobby Cole 

Meredith Cole and Peter Krebs

Barbara J. Collier

Debora Collins 

Hugh and Kathryn Connell

Thomas and Dorothy Conner

Nisha Cooch 

Holli Cook and Kenneth Gorrell

Rachel Copenhaver 

Francis T. Corcoran Jr.

Lena N. Corrigan

Kristin Cory 

John M. Couric Jr.

Katherine Couric 

Jeff and Trina Coviello

Douglas and Jayne Cox 

Irvin and Celestine Cox

T. Peyton and Carol Coyner

Dwight and Martha Cragun

Hunter E. Craig 

James and Wendy Craig

Alvin and Diane Crannis

Steve Crihfield 

Bobby B. Crisp

Joy Crompton 

Thomas E. Cronin

Thomas and Cecilia Cropley

Thomas I. Crowell

Scheline M. Crutchfield

John and Shannon Cruthirds

Michael and Jan Cubbage

R. Madison and Patricia Cummings

Christopher and Ellen Cuthbert

Mrs. John D. Dalgliesh

Charlotte B. Dammann

Terrence D. Daniels

Nancy Coble Damon

Charles and Sara Dassance

Virginia U. Daugherty

Dwight Davidson

Jacquelyn Davidson

Bridget Davis

James W. Davis

Melanie Davis

Eduard and Francesca de Lange

J. David and Pauline Deck

Lyle Deitch 

Dale and Carol Deletis

Gerald and Judy S. DeLoache 

Ashley Demakis 

Richard F. DeMong

Lynn Dengel 

James and Sharon Deveney

Helena W. Devereux

Mark Dietrich 

Kennerly and Lucille Digges

James Dillard 

Ronald G. Dimberg

Gerald and Leanne Dineen

Billie Dismer 

Frank A. Dodge

Elizabeth P. Dolliver

Janet E. Dolzer

John J. Dooley

Sarah Doran 

Jan Dorman and Elliott Weiss

Scott and Wylie Doughty

Andrea Douglas 

Katherine S. Douglas

Robert and Pattie Downer

William and Helene Downs

Lisa Drake 

Thierry J. Drapanas

Emily Dreyfus and Neal L. Walters

Rhoda Robinowitz Dreyfus

Jayleane M. Drucker

Ronald and Lorraine Duddleston

Katina Dudley and Jesse Turner

Margaret A. Duensing

Katharine M. Dulaney

Bruce and Sabrina Dunn

Lewis and Bobbi Dunn

James C. Dunstan

Jonathan E. Earnhardt

R. Jack and Micheline Eastham

Franklin and Pamela Edmonds

Andrea Eggleston 

Marjorie W. Eggleston

Edith B. Eglin

Mark Ehlers 

Daniel Ehrman 

Charles and Patricia Elcan

Cynthia Elkey 

Christopher Elliott 

Ronald H. Enders

Steven and Jane Engel

Clifford and Charlotte Erickson

Anne S. Ernst

Charlie Ernst 

Annie Evans 

Ellen Lovell Evans

Camilla and *Robert Fair

Thomas F. Farrell

Ralph and Punkie Feil

Daniel and Katherine Fellows

Abbey Ferguson 

Kay L. Ferguson

Martha Ferguson 

James A. Fernald

Andrew and Carol Ferrentino

Jeffrey B. Ferrill

Fred M. Filoon

Michael and Judith Fisher

Caitlin Fitzmaurice 

Henry and Anne Flint

Richard and Gigi Florin

Jeremy and Angela Flug

Wendy Waldner Flynn

Jeffrey Fogel 

James Cameron Forbes

Richard B. Forth

Melissa Fountain 

Charles D. Fox

Mary Fox 

David and Jane Francis

Gertrude J. Fraser

Peter N. Freeman

Rob and Kathryn Freer

Shirley S. French

Barbara Fried 

Frank H. Friedman

Edward and Virginia Fries

Dale E. Fruchtnicht

William M. Furr

Sim and Donna Galazka

Christopher* and Pamela Gale

M. L. Gallagher

Peter J. Gallant

Stewart Gamage 

Diane Gambardella 

David and Mary Garrison 

Hannah Garrison 

Jeff and Cecilia Garrity

Kevin D. Gary

Edwin and Elizabeth Gatewood

Eugene Gaudette 

Andrea Gavin 

Virginia German 

Mina Gerowin 

Henry M. Gibb

Marcia G. Gibbons

Robert Ryder Gibson

Joe and Sally Gieck

William Scott Gillespie

George H. Gilliam

Peter W. Gilson

Theo and Grace Giras 

Rebecca Girvin-Argon 

John and Marilyn Goebel

Axel and Anke Goetz

Risa Goluboff and Richard Schragger

Edith B. Good

Gwen and Howard Goodkin 

Alfred G. Goodykoontz

Larry and Betty Goss

Gerald and Audrey Gottlieb

Philip Gould 

Peter and Colleen Grant

Stephen and Dina Grant

Terry E. Grant

William S. Gray

Daniel Green 

Heywood and Judith Greenberg

Charles and Jane Greyson

John Griffin 

John B. Griffin Jr.

Michael Groom 

Eleanor L. Grossman

Felix T. Grossman

Margaret M. Grove

Elaine Guidry 

Judith F. Gumm

Bradley and Meredith Strohm Gunter

Matthew Haas 

Wayne and Kathy Hachey

Nancy Hackman 

Jessie Carr Haden

Jim and Sue Haden

Kathleen R. Haden 

Sonia and Yacov Haimes

Richard B. Haines

Elisabeth J. Hale

Jeff and Kathleen Hall

Joseph Hall 

Leah Hall 

Robert Hammell 

Jean L. Hammond

John and Ann Hamner

John Michael Hanafee

Marshall E. Hanbury Jr.

Alice W. Handy and Peter A. Stroud

Jeffrey Hansen 

Ian and Susan Hardie 

Molly G. Hardie

Deborah A. Harkrader

Robert A. Harmon

Lynda Harrill

Peter and Dana Harris

Edward and Ada Harvey

Kristen Hathaway 

Dan Haughton 

Gregory F. Hayden

Robert Headrick 

Eleni S. Heeschen

Bebe Heiner 

Deborah Hellman and Derek Brown

James Henderson

Robert and Maria Odette Henderson

Paul and Maria Henderson

W. Peter and Mary Minor Henderson

William and J. Dawn Heneberry

T.J. and A.W. Henley

Amy M. Hereford

William Herman 

Richard and Mary Hewitt

Terri Higgins 

Mary Ann Hill and Patrick Dober

Nancy J. Hill

Linda W. Hitchings

Frederick and Mary Buford Hitz

David Hockstein 

Deborah A. Hoffman

Kinne Hoffman and 

   Christopher Milner
Carol J. Hogg

Ed Hollinger

Marybelle Hollister and
   Donald Gardner

Sarah L. Holman

David Holtzman 

Patrick and Keri Hopkins

Jack and Nancy Horn

JoLee Nail Horn

Melissa Horn 

William E. Horn

Ken and Pod Horne

Elvira Hoskins 

W. Nathaniel and Margie Howell

Sherrard H. Howen

David and Jacqueline Hughes 

Joseph A. Hughes

Satyendra Singh Huja

Timothy Padraig Hulbert

Mark and Laura Humbertson

Robert R. Humphris Sr.

Blake and Carol Hurt

Teresa Husted 

Andre and Tana P. Hutchinson

Jerry and Betty Hutchinson

John M. Hyde

Benjamin Infantino 

Marcia Invernizzi and Michael Gallahue

William and Annette Iverson

Katherine Geer Jaffe

Ronald and Catherine Jellison

James L. Jessup Jr.

Brad and Wisteria Johnson

Eric and Kelley Johnson

Carol Johnston 

Elizabeth S. Johnston

Ulrike Joiner and Dale Weigel

Charles O. Jones and Vera Jones

Harrison Jones 

Thad Jones 

Thomas H. Jones

Julian and G. Virginia Josey

Kathy Judge 

Stephen J. Juli

John and Joan Kammire

E. Peter Kane

Kenneth R. Karr

Brian and Abigail Kayser

James and Patricia Keeley

Robert L. Keenan

Alieda Keevil 

Morton Keller 

Kenneth and Michele Kellermann

Aileen W. Kelly

Blair and Laurie Kelly

Dennis and Suzanna Kelly

Kathleen Kelly and Barry Bruce

Mary Anne Kelly

Louise D. Kelly

Thomas and Darcia Kelly

Tom and Kathryn Kelsey

Gary and Sandy Kendall

Christine S. and Christine E. Kennedy

Jane W. Kerewich

J. Arthur* and Kate Kessler

J.A. and Barbara Kessler

Sean David Keveren

George and Katherine Kidder

Corie King

Georgina King and Ralph E. Main Jr.

Jennifer King 

Jackie Kingma 

Paul and Elizabeth Kipps

Brent and Ute Kitching

Joan A. Klemic

Daniel and Suzanne Klett

Martin and Sharla Klingel

R. Scott Knierim

Lawrence E. Kochard

Richard and Ann Kolar

Brian Koster 

Mary Kay Kotelec 

Mark E. Koznarek

Michael Krepon 

Emil and Nancy Kritzer

Thomas and Candace Krop

David and Natalie Krovetz

Geraldine D. Kruger

McCrea S. Kudravetz

Alan Kurland 

Ludwig Kuttner 

Beverly Lacey and Keith Dix

Jeff Laffond 

Christopher and Barkley Laing 

Vickie M. Lam

Scott Langenburg 

Adin L. Langille Jr.

John L. Lanham

Celia J. Lankford

Rick and Esther Larkin

Carol Larson 

Amy Lastinger 

Susan Lazerson 

R. Parker Lecorgne

G. Peyton Ledford

Larry D. Lee

Mary Ann Leeper

Phyllis K. and Melvyn P. Leffler

Robert C. Leinbach

Linda L. Lester

Richard and Elizabeth Leukroth

Brian Leung

J.C. Levenson

Dana Lewis 

David A. Lewis

John and Audrey Lewis

Lena Lewis 

Sandra Wicks and
   Lemuel Lewis

Susan S. Liberman

Elizabeth Liles 

Zachary D. Lindeman

Kurt Lindemann 

Peppy G. Linden

Russell M. Linden and 

   Jacqueline Lichtman

Jean S. Lindsay

Allison S. Linney

Deborah Little 

W. A. Little

Craig K. Littlepage

Margaret Littlepage 

Barbara Grant Llewellyn

John and Pat Lloyd

Eugene and Mary Locke

Helen H. Logan

Betty Long 

Howard and Diane Long

David Lourie 

Clifford and Sue Love

Jason and Candice Love

Elizabeth Lower and Paul King

Joan C. Luck

Larry and Lynn Luessen

Darren and Ana Maria Lynch

Kevin Lynch 

Maria Mabee 

John MacCorkle 

Peter W. MacCullum

Allison MacDonald 

Zanne MacDonald 

Anna E. MacIntosh

Jean Mack 

Robert Macomber 

Glenn Macura 

Martha Madsen and John Greabe

Anna Mary Magee

Mary Ann Mahan

David D. Makel

Barbara J. Mann

Paul and Diane Manning

Elisabeth Manuel 

Heather Marcel 

Diana Marchibroda 

Joseph Mark 

John and Deborah Markham

Nancy J. Markos

Joseph H. Maroon

Jeremy and Karen Marr

Stephen and Cynthia Marr

Charles and Lesley Marshall

Sarah Agnes Marshall

David and Cynthia Martin

Larry and Lynn Martin

Lucy Ewing Martin

Alfred C. Masotti

Rob and Natalie Masri 

Andrea Matheson and
   Mary Jane Chisholm

Alan and Julie A. Matsumoto

Osborne Mauck 

John and Mary Maybee

John T. McCauley Jr.

Noble McClellan 

Meredith McCool 

Frank and Donna McCurdy

Charlotte McDaniel 

Nancy McDaniel and William Bargh

T.C. and Cathy McDaniel

Camp T. McElveen

Eugene and Catherine McGahren

David and Barbara McGann

Eileen McGill and Alexander Tartalia

John J. McGovern 

John and Regina McGovern

Douglas J. McGowan

Edith R. McHenry

Henry D. McHenry Jr.

Brian J. McIntee

William I. McKechnie

Michael L. McKee

Diantha H. McKeel

Jennifer McKeever 

George C. McKinney

John B. McKinnon

David and Jane McLaughlin

Grey and Sarah McLean 

Thomas A. McQueeney

Daniel and Mary Lewis Meador

Theresa and Annie Meenan

Amy Melville and John Schroll

William and Cathy Meneeley

Caroline Coles Merrick

Amy Merritt

David Merritt 

Sueann Meskell and
   L. Byron McCauley

Laura Michael and Robert Hughes

Edmund and Thomas J. Michie

George and Miette Michie

Everett Millais 

Andrew Miller 

John and Emily Miller

Lorna Derry Miller

Susan Miller 

Elizabeth C. Millett

Steven M. Milligan

Ann Mills 

Harry W. Mills

Lynn M. Mills

Ralph and Jean Minehart

Addison and Marcia Minott

Ann W. Mische

Hosea Mitchell 

John Mitchell

Deann F. Mitchelson-Shaver

Leslie Moeller 

Janet Patten Moon

Michael Moonves 

Joel and Pat Moorhead

Karen M. Moran and B. Wistar Morris

Pamela Moran 

Stanley and Janette Morgan

Donald R. Morin

Chellie Morris 

Margaret L. Morris

Jeylan Mortimer and
   Jeffrey Broadbent

Judy and Jeffrey B. Morton

Andrew Moss 

Marvin F. Moss

Cameron Mowat and 

   George Worthington

Thomas Mullaney 

Gunter and Willemina Muller

James and Joan Mummery

Robert Munsey 

Hannah Murdoch 

Grier Murphy 

John B. Murphy Jr.

Elizabeth Murray 

James and Bruce Murray

John and Susan Murray

Paul and Connie Murray

M. Barbara Murray-Lane

M. R. Musser

James W. Mustin

Richard and Leona Myers

Jessica W. Nagle

Caitlin E. Natale

Peter and Laure Nawrocki

James and Willa Neale

Jeanne Marie Neumann

Susan Noll 

Frederick Nolting 

Russell and Rosemary North

Victoria Norwood

Brian Nosek and Bethany Teachman

Wallace Nunley Jr.

Nancy K. O’Brien

Eliza O’Connell 

Kevin and Darlene O’Connor

Ryan and Erica O’Connor

Allison O’Dwyer 

David and Locke Ogens

Daniel and Glenna Ohlms

Rozanne Oliver 

Kent and Marsha Olson 

Gregory and Mary O’Meara

John W. Oneill

Ellen Moore Osborne

Michelle Packer 

Zoe Padron 

Bertrand A. Page

George and Constance Palmer

Eric and Kristina Parker

Ned and Sarah Gray Parrish 

Meghan Parsons 

Charles and Emilie Pastorfield

Michael A. Pausic and 

   Kelley A. MacDougall

Susan and L.F. Payne

Marshall and Beckie Pendergrass

Bruce Penner 

Carey M. Perkins

Linda Perriello 

L. Paige Perriello and Neeral Shah

Henry and Janice Peskin

James R. Peterson

David and Joy Peyton

Russell Phillips Jr.

John and Jacqueline Pickering

Sue B. Pickett

Glenn and Michele Picou

Edgar and Regina Pierce

George and Kerry Pierides

Alan and JoAnn Pinkerton

Elizabeth Pitt 

Curtis Pleasants Jr.

David and Elizabeth Poist

David and Margo Pollak

John and Ila Porter

Avrom and Janet Posner 

Bill Potter 

Lauren Powers 

Jaime Poyant 

Timothy W. Pratt

Teresa J. Price

Jeff Prillaman 

Robert U. Pritchard

E. Marshall Pryor III

David and Anne Quanbeck

J. Perrin Quarles

Susan F. Quisenberry

Katherine Ralston and
   J. Michael McMahan

Parthenia Randolph 

Judy Y. Rasmussen

Judith A. Rassi

Chad Ratliff 

James and Jane Raup

Deborah and Tayloe Read

Lynn Reams 

Forbes R. Reback

Stephen and Carol Record

John and Jan Redick

Katie Reeves 

David H. Reid

Elaine B. Reid

Jim and Elizabeth Reid

John and Stacie Reid

Anne Rex

Robert M. Rex

James V. Reyes

Julia Rhondeau 

Robert and Cheryl Ribando

Richard G. Rice

Elizabeth G. Richardson

Joseph and Patricia Richmond

Margaret A. Riechman

Grace D. Riggs

Sara Rimm-Kaufman 

Alexandra D. Rinehart 

Randolph R. Rinehart

John Ritchie Jr.

Opal Ritchie 

Alexander and Marguerite Robertson

D. Kay Robinson

Karen L. Rockwell

Laurel Roeder 

Rachel Rogers 

Richard E. Roller

Dennis and Ann Rooker

Shelton and Sharon Root

Stanley R. Rose

Diane Rosin and Mark Okusa

Jane Whitehill Rotch

Constantine Roussos 

John and Karen Rowlingson

Melanie Roy 

Tia Roy 

Jennifer Rubenstein 

Judith S. Ruch

John E. Russell

Daryl Russell 

Russ and Mary Jo Russell

Victoria Sabin 

Joseph and Joy Sabol

Susan Sajadi and Thad Glowacki

Jay Howard Samek

Kenneth and Mildred Samuelson

Judith K. Sands

Lois Sandy 

Susan Wells Sargeant

L. Manlius Sargent Jr.

Caroline Nunley Satira

Kevin Saunders 

Larry and Carole Saunders

Rebekah Saxon 

Edward and Roberta Scallet

Eliza B. Scallett

Joel M. Schectman and Lisa Draine

Richard and Belinda Scherr

Anne Murray Schneider

Sara Graney Schroeder

Chris and Donna Schuler

Arthur and Gayle Schulman

Elsa Schultz 

Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler 

Samuel K. Schuyler

Steven G. Schwartz

James Scott 

Sadar Scott 

Shelah K. Scott 

Thomas R. Scott 

Timothy and Alice Scruby

Puja Seam and Jamey Thompson

A. Frederick and Linda Seaman

Edward and Laurie Sears

David Segars 

Mary Louise Seilheimer

Gary B. Selmeczi

Megan Sharp and Jonathan Schakel

Steve and Donna Sharpes

Christine Shea 

Timothy Shea 

Jennifer P. Sheets

William and Leila Shenkir

Mary B. Sherman

Ruth Ann Sherman

Katie Reid Shevlin

Sherman Shifflett 

David Shipp 

Katherine Shrum 

Charles L. Siegel

Sandra Mainland Sierk

Dennis B. Sigloh

William and Mary Sihler

Harris Simmons 

Sheryl Simon 

Didier Simonin 

Jessica Simons 

Henry Skelsey

Jane-Ashley Skinner 

D. French Slaughter IV

French Slaughter III

Jennifer Slaughter 

Anthony Slotwinski 

Amy Slutter 

Craig R. Smith

Donna J. Smith 

Hunter W. Smith 

Leonard and Deidre L. Smith

Patricia L. Smith

Paul Smith

Rauzelle and Lucille Smith

William and M. Carol Smith

Emily Snow 

Anne C. Snyder

Jeffrey W. Sobel

Tom and Judith L. Sommers

Houston and Laura Sorenson

Lynn Southey 

Paul and Maria Spence

Barbara L. Spencer

Frank Squillace 

John M. Stacey

Philip and Martha Stafford

Patricia Staugler 

Joseph and Ilse Steele

Edward J. Stemmler

Jeffrey and Janet Sterba 

George A. Stetson

Richard P. Stetson

Jodie Stevens 

Chris Stevenson 

William and Lynn Stevenson

Gordon and Margaret Stewart

Andrea Stiernstrand 

R. Newcomb Stillwell

Grace M. Stillwell

Lawrence Stopper 

Barbara Strauss 

John and Maureen Strazzullo

Jefferson S. Strider

Richard P. Strubel

John and Dorothy Stuart

Todd and Suzanne Sturman

Oliver S. Sughrue

Miller Susen 

Ellen Roberts Susi

David and Elizabeth Sutton

G. K. and Shirley Sutton

Hughes and Ruby Swain

Cheryl Sweeney 

G. Dale Swentzel

Jay and Elizabeth Swett

Anne Swift-Kayatta 

Joseph and Kristin Szakos

James and Eva Tashjian-Brown

Ancolien Tate-Siertsema and
   R. Grant Tate

Alan Taylor 

Ann H. Taylor

Benjamin B. Taylor and
   Katherine Taylor

Harrison W. Taylor

Marie and Tim Taylor

Ann H. Thacher

Stephen and Nell Tharp

Susan J. Thomas

Charles C. Thompson 

Claire Thompson 

Elsie and Mac Thompson

Peter M. Thompson and
   Barbara Millar

Clay Thomson 

Arthur Thorn 

Bonnie Thurston 

G. McNeir Tilman 

Anne C. Tilney and Saamia Noorali

James H. Tinsley

Frederick J. Tirrell

David Tolmie 

Barry and Kathryn Toms

Joseph B. Tondorf

Edward and Deborah Tonkin

Bill and Di Tonkins

William T. Trainer

Nancy Tramontin and David J. Toscano

D.E. and L.A. Trobaugh

William Trofi 

Heather Troudt 

James and Gail Troy

Michael and Lynda H. Tubridy

David P. Turner

Peter and Nancy Tuz

John B. Updike

Vincent J. Valentino

Danny and Anna Van Clief

Margaret F. Van Yahres

Michael and Nancy Vande Woude

Margaret VanDeman Blackmon 

Anne Vanderwarker 

Paul and Patrice Varney

Ellen P. Vaughan

Patrick and Melinda Vaughan

Andrea S. Vest

Curt and Cissy Viebranz

Noel Villanueva 

James M. Vitt

Emily Viverette 

Vamik and Elizabeth Volkan

Joanna Vondrasek and McKee Guian

George T. Waaser Jr.

Jeffrey C. Wadlow

Jessica Wadlow 

Raymond C. Wadlow

Diane K. Wakat

Daniel and Alison Walden

James Walker

Neil F. Wallace

Davis Walsh 

Emma Wardlaw 

David and Hope Warren

David and Bitsy Waters

Kara Watson 

Robert A. Watson

Robert C. Watt

William and Mary Watt

John S. Watterson

Louise C. Wawner

Charles and Susan Weber

Jack and Carol Weber

Margaret Elaine Weems

Susan Cartwright Weiss

Phillip and Nancy Welker

Gregory and Meghan Welsch

Edward E. Wendell Jr.

Lois A. Werner

R. Ted and Sheila Weschler

Michael D. Wesson

Dwight West 

Cynthia J. Westley

Mary Margaret Whipple 

David Whitcomb 

Andrea D. White

John T. White

Roxanne White

William and Margaret Whitehead

Linda Whitlock-Brown and
   Terrence Brown

Henry A. Wiencek

Martha Wiese 

Frederick and Elizabeth Wilbur

Ron and Gail Wiley 

Miles and Martha K. Wilhelm

Lossie N. Wilkinson

Tegan Willard 

Ann Hill Williams

Benjamin J. Williams

David and Llwanda Williams

J. Page and Peggy Williams

Rebecca S. Williams

John and Susan Williamson

Richard Wilson 

Stephen and Lynanne Wilson

John Winn 

Frederick W. Winter

Andrew Wolf 

Scott D. Wolf

Lee Wood 

Elizabeth H. Woodard

Loring G. Woodriff

Robert Woolery II

Christina H. Wright

Colleen Wright 

John O. and Susan S. Wynne

Elizabeth D. Yancey

Karen Yannello 

Robert and Patricia Yoder

Courtney Young 

Melinda Zackowski 

David and Cate Zahl

Anthony M. Zane

Mary E. Zane

Wesley and Amy Zell

Ross Zimmer 

Grace Zisk 

Linda Zuby 

Alan Zwicker 






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Thank You,
Heal Charlottesville Donors 


More than 3,000 people have contributed to the Heal Charlottesville or Concert for
Charlottesville funds. We received gifts from across the country, from individuals and businesses alike, and at all levels of giving. The Charlottesville community is deeply
grateful for your overwhelming show of support.


The full list of contributors to the Heal Charlottesville and Concert for Charlottesville funds is available here.

Charlottesville 12


In 1958, Virginia Gov. James Lindsey Almond Jr. shut down Lane High School and Venable Elementary School to prevent the integration of Charlottesville public schools. When schools reopened the following year, a small group of African-American children bravely walked through the doors that had been previously closed to them — three students at Lane, and nine at Venable. These students became known as the “Charlottesville 12.”


Sandra Wicks Lewis was one of those 12 students. With help from other members of the Charlottesville 12, Lewis recently organized and funded a new college scholarship for African-American students through the Community Foundation to help expand access to education. Charlottesville High School graduate Kely Oufoula Kossi received the fund's first scholarship earlier this year, and as the endowment grows, the group hopes to award multiple annual scholarships.


Lewis believes that students who have excelled in and out of the classroom deserve a college education. “I think the new civil right is that a child should be able to go to college,” says Lewis.



Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital has long supported initiatives in the areas that improve health care, but Ray Mishler, vice president of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation, and his team wanted to find a way to make an even
bigger impact on the area of
improving community health.


When the Community Foundation introduced its Shaping Futures grant track, which supports long-term, targeted solutions to transform community trends, Mishler realized this was the opportunity he had been looking for.


“The Community Foundation was the partner that we were missing in our efforts to really drive community health improvement,” says Mishler. “They know the community, how to get organizations involved, and how to track and report outcomes. We have a lot of confidence in the Foundation's ability to distribute and manage the community funds that we have.”


The hospital committed $250,000 over five years to be a Shaping Futures co-funding partner. A group of local African-American doulas received the grant to lower black infant mortality rates, which have been much higher than those of white infants. The results since the grant's inception in early 2017 have been encouraging — the doulas have already attended more than 130 births by black women and have helped make drastic reductions in the rate of babies born premature or underweight.

20th-Century Merchants Fund


In the early 1990s, the Retail Merchants Association in Charlottesville sold a credit bureau and used part of the sale’s proceeds to create a charitable fund to give back to the community. Marshall Pryor, who was president of the Association at the time, led efforts to establish an advised fund at the Community Foundation in 1995 and remains actively involved. The fund increased the Foundation’s assets by 50 percent, to $6.1 million.


Over the years, the 20th-Century Merchants Fund has donated several hundred thousand dollars each year and has made a tremendous impact in the community, particularly in the fund’s focus areas of helping children and the elderly.


“The biggest way that the Foundation has helped us is that it’s given more professionalism to our giving,” says Pryor. “The Community Foundation has assisted us in a lot of ways to better serve the community with the assets that we have — they’ve invested the fund’s money and suggested places that would benefit from our donations, and they’ve helped structure our giving and made sure that all our donations are done correctly.”



Established in 1999, the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band has been committed to making grants in Charlottesville and the surrounding area for nearly two decades. Bama Works has supported transformative community projects related to youth programs, vulnerable populations, the natural environment, and arts and cultural assets. Since its inception, the Fund has made more than 1,200 grants, totaling more than $18 million. 


Dave Matthews Band also gives back to the community in other ways. Following the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville during August 2017, the band led efforts to organize “A Concert for Charlottesville: An Evening of Music and Unity” on Sept. 24, 2017, in UVA's Scott Stadium. While the star-studded concert was free to all, attendees were encouraged to make donations to benefit victims of the August events and their families, first responders and organizations devoted to the promotion of healing, unity and justice in the Charlottesville community and nationally.  A total of $1.4 million was donated through a combination of merchandise sales, fan donations around the world, and individual and corporate contributions. The
Concert for Charlottesville Fund was the single-largest contributor to the Heal Charlottesville activities.