Our Circle of Friends recognizes donors who directly support the Community Foundation with annual unrestricted gifts of $500 or more. We are extremely grateful for their support, which helps enable us to fulfill our mission.


Rebecca A. Barlow

Dennis and Nina Barnes

Rodney and Liz Beckwith

Malcolm and Ruth Bell 

John and Mary Scott Birdsall 

L. Jay and Maggie Bourgeois 

Daniel and Kathleen Bowman

Bernard T. Bress 

O. Whitfield Broome Jr.

Richard and Brenda Busofsky

Mrs. Vincent Campopiano

J. David and Anna Castle

Robert and Millie Cathcart

Edith Catlin

The Charles Fund, Inc.

Charlottesville Self Storage

Charlottesville Self Storage Crozet

Thomas I. Crowell

Eduard and Francesca de Lange

William and Helene Downs

Earl and Louise Dudley

Jeffrey B. Ferrill

Wendy W. Flynn

Rob and Karen Freer 

Joe and Sally Gieck

Larry and Betty Goss

Terry E. Grant

Elaine Hadden and Douglas Drysdale

James and Susan Haden

Alice Handy and Peter Stoudt

Peter and Dana Harris

Bebe Heiner

William and Dawn Heneberry

Nathaniel and Margie Howell

James and Pam Jessup

Eric and Kelley Johnson

Christine S. Kennedy and 

   Christine E. Kennedy

Jane W. Kerewich

J. Arthur* and Kate Kessler 

John L. Lanham

Mark and Anne Logan

David and Jane McLaughlin

G. McNeir and Nancy Tilman 

Ralph and Jean Minehart

Karen Moran and B. Wistar Morris

Donald and Lisa Morin

*Thomas and Sheridan Nicholson 

North Charlottesville Self Storage

Wallace and Donna Nunley 

George and Constance Palmer 

Diane Rosin and Mark Okusa 

Charles and Whitley Rotgin 

John and Karen Rowlingson

Leonard and Jerry Sandridge

Craig and Mary Smith

Jeffrey and Jan Sterba

Jefferson Strider

Elizabeth Stuart

Student Services Moving &
   Storage Company 

David and Ellen Turner

Van Brimer Family Foundation

Linda Verhagen

Vamik and Elizabeth Volkan

Westwind Foundation

David and Mickie Wood

John and Trula Wright 

Lifetime Circle of Friends 

Lifetime Circle of Friends recognizes donors who have made cumulative unrestricted gifts to the Community Foundation of $25,000 or more. They have been vital supporters of the foundation over the years.


Inez Banister

Rebecca A. Barlow

Dorothy Batten

Daniel and Nancy Brody

Robert and Suzanna Brooks

Coran Capshaw

Peter and Diane Chapin

Lynne Conboy

Thomas Crowell

Alan and Sharon Culbertson

William and Helene Downs

Linda K. Ford

Barbara Fried

Christopher* and Pamela Gale

Joe and Sally Gieck

Richard Gilliam

Ray and Barbara Graham 

Terry Grant

Alice Handy and Peter Stoudt

Bebe Heiner

William and Dawn Heneberry

James and Pam Jessup 

Arthur and Penny Kiser

Betty M. Lee

James and Bruce Murray

Sheridan Nicholson

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of
   Central Virginia

Grace D. Riggs

Charles and Whitley Rotgin 

Niklas Schrenck-von Notzing 

Shelah K. Scott

Catherine Shelburne

Jeffrey and Jan Sterba

Whitney and Anne M. Stone

SunTrust Foundation

Cynthia Tremblay

Rit Venerus

Wells Fargo Bank

R. Ted and Sheila Weschler

David and Mickie Wood


2017 In-Kind Support

The Community Foundation thanks the individuals and companies that have generously provided in-kind support in 2017.


Ja/Zan, Ltd.

Stellar Technology Solutions

Hantzmon Wiebel LLP

Wells Fargo Bank


2017 Legacy Society

We sincerely thank those individuals and families who have supported the Community Foundation through a bequest, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan or charitable annuity. Their gifts help make possible the work of the Community Foundation, as well as the work of area nonprofit organizations and the people they serve.


Priscilla Randolph

Alice Wallenborn

Elizabeth R. Wood