Supporting Our Region

Graphic by Lavidaco (Laura Stanton)

Our Values


We work with others in the community to address significant challenges and opportunities and to achieve better results.


We seek results that are measurable, demonstrable and relevant to people in the region.



We connect to the lived experiences and perspectives of residents across our service area to ensure that our work
is appropriate and meaningful.



We communicate clearly and frequently about the priorities, decisions, activities and performance of all parts of the Foundation.


Equity and Inclusion

We believe in a thriving region that works for everyone. It is important that resources and participation are accessible to all.

The Journey Ahead

As the Foundation looks to the future, it’s critical that we take a deeper look at not only the work we do, but also our own organization. We are committed to educating ourselves and deepening our understanding of how factors of race, income, geography, age and gender affect the quality of life in our region. We are eager to ensure that our organization and the work we do alongside partners are contributing to a region in which everyone can thrive.